Conscious Beauty

Conscious Beauty

I’ve been watching Jackie Aina’s YouTube channel for several years – back when her beauty channel handle was Makeup Game On Point – and it’s fair to say that she has arrived. In just the past few days, Jackie has reached 1 million subscribers, a huge accomplishment for any YouTuber but especially for Black YouTubers. As a subscriber, I find her milestone especially inspiring because for years she has put up beautiful, informative and strong content on her channel without the viewership some other video bloggers in the same category achieve while putting up less than stellar content.

In addition, Jackie’s social consciousness on issues that affect her community has been nothing short of brave and inspiring. I was fist pumping the air when she took on Marc Jacobs for the cultural appropriation of Black women’s hair styles in his recent fashion shows. I could hardly believe her courage in stepping up to call folks out. As has become her trademark, she did it with such humor that the information and point of view she was trying to convey didn’t get lost.

The video on Marc Jacobs is below

This past summer, Jackie also encouraged her hundreds of thousands of subscribers, regardless of race or ethnicity, to support black-owned makeup brands. The suggestion was initiated by YouTubers Alyssa Forever and Alissa Ashley (her video is now private) and became known as the BOMB Challenge (black-owned beauty brands) which is a call to buy from, promote and support black-owned beauty and makeup companies.

Needless to say I’m a huge fan of Jackie’s and what she does. She also happens to be a U.S. Army veteran. I look forward to what she will be doing 2017. In the year 2016, she has proven to be pretty powerful!

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