Anastasia Brows

Anastasia Brows

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is a great product to achieve thick, glamorous but natural looking brows. I don’t always have time to use it but when I do, I’m always happy that I took the time to apply it instead of reaching for a tinted brow gel which is quick and easy.

This creamy pomade applies very smoothly and makes my brows look completely natural despite the thickness of the pomade. I like to dip a small angled brush into the pomade and then wipe away the excess in the cap. For me, this method keeps me from applying too much product all at once.

I wear the chocolate shade, which is a warm brown without being too red. I keep it from drying out by making sure the cap is on tight after each use. The Dipbrow Pomade is available in 11 shades. It’s packed with product that lasts a very long time. The 4 g/0.14 oz. jar is $18. It’s available on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website and at several retail outlets including Sephora and Ulta.

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