Nubian Skin: T-Shirt Bra Review

Nubian Skin: T-Shirt Bra Review

Ordering lingerie online is always risky but when I couldn’t find my size in the t-shirt bra of the Nubian Skin lingerie line in the few select stores that sells this brand, I went online and ordered it from the their website. It was perfect timing. There is a 60% off sale of nude lingerie going on. The coupon code is SUMMERSALE60. Any items ordered with this code cannot be returned.

I ordered the t-shirt bra in Cafe Au Lait. It’s the lightest color of the nudes which, along with Cafe Au Lait, includes Caramel, Cinnamon and Berry. I wanted Caramel but they were out of stock in the size of my preferred color. To my surprise, the Cafe Au Lait is more rich in color than I was expecting. I would swear it was Caramel if the tag didn’t actually say Cafe Au Lait. The bra is beautiful and is made with nice, sturdy material. Unfortunately, this t-shirt bra runs small. While the cup fits perfectly, the band has a very snug fit even though I used the last closure clasp. There are three clasps. For most women, the best way to remedy this is to go up.

I haven’t given up. I’ve seen some reviews that say the lace bras are a better fit and do not run small but I will definitely be trying them on before I buy the next time. I’m also determined to get the lace bra and shorts in Caramel even if I have to wait for my sizes to come back in stock.

Below is a video from Jackie Aina, one of the few in-depth reviews on several items from the Nubian Skin lingerie brand. It’s more than a year old but is still very useful. I wish I had watched this review before I ordered.

Update 07/24/2017:

After wearing this t-shirt bra for a full day, I can say that it is very comfortable to wear even though it fits like a glove. The material is soft and stretchy. The clasp has a furry material on it so it’s soft against my skin and I don’t feel the discomfort of the hooks digging into my back. The snug fit makes it perfect under t-shirts, which is the point! The side bands could be wider. This would prevent the look of that side bulge and make the bra look like a better fit.

So, I hope this review was helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment about any of the items you’ve tried from Nubian Skin.

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